From a Scholarship Recipient

From Kathy Skalkos, RN, MN, CIC

This was by far the best national conference I have attended.

The venue at Anaheim was so conducive to easy access. The triangle of having the hotels and convention center so proximal to each other facilitated attendance to the sessions. In addition the conference center rooms were also easily accessible. We did not have to walk miles between sessions.

When I first saw the agenda for this years’ conference I knew it was going to be special. So many world renowned experts would be presenting and NHSN had so many sessions listed. I perceived that one could not be disappointed with any session they chose to attend.

Personally I attended most of the NHSN seminars only this time they asked for our input rather than giving instructions. I also attended early morning sessions and Dr. D. Pittet’s Hand hygiene session which was dynamic.

Most of all it was networking with all of the other IPs. This time because of the location I met so many individuals from the west coast and Alaska etc. It was comforting to know we all have similar problems and on the reverse side that I don’t have some of theirs.

APIC has always been unique in that we share amongst ourselves without politics hindering our transparency. We speak as one voice and I am happy to say we are getting louder!

I left the convention questioning what will the future hold for IPs and what role are we going to play because it will be changing as we move toward total electronic surveillance.

Finally, I wanted to thank-you all again for the support you gave me and to tell you that the process of not having ED staff draw blood cultures from the IV start but rather from separate peripheral sticks greatly if not entirely reduces blood culture contaminations. We also have switched entirely to the alcohol/CHG prep pad for skin prep and rarely use the straight alcohol prep pad.”