MDRO in NICU CSOP Meeting Notes

A survey was disseminated to APIC DFW members prior to the meeting. Results from that survey are below:

  • The majority of respondents (40%) have a Level 3 NICU
  •  Respondents also included IPs responsible for Level 1, Level 2 and Level 4 NICUs. Some respondents did not have a NICU.
  • The majority of respondents (60%) have an infection prevention policy for their NICU
  • Only some (40%) respondents described regularly screening visitors for signs/symptoms of infection. Others described screening but only during flu season. 40% of respondents didn’t have any screening for NICU visitors in place.
  • 50% of respondents have managed an MDRO in their NICU. 100% of respondents named MRSA as a common MDRO in their NICU.

·         The majority (63%) of respondents routinely conduct surveillance cultures in their NICU. Frequencies ranged from on admission/transfer into the unit only to every other week.

A few themes emerged during discussion from two in-person meetings of the CSOP SIG:

1.       Participants agreed that standardization of visitation practices across hospital systems would be beneficial for infection prevention in units. A separate work group will form for further discussions on this topic   
         a.   Opportunities for standardization:
               i.    Screening of visitors
               ii.   Cleaning of personal electronic devices upon entry to unit
               iii.   Including parents as part of the infection prevention team

2.       It is unclear if unit configuration (open bays versus private rooms) has implications on MRSA transmission. Participants agreed that a multi-center study on the topic would be beneficial. Follow up to occur beyond this SIG in facilities of varying layout types.

3.       Coordination between facilities on patient transfers sometimes lacks vital infection/colonization information. Participants discussed possibly using the CDC’s Hand Off tool for neonatal transfers to facilitate information dissemination.

Overall, these CSOP sessions provided valuable information on what infection prevention practices look like in some DFW-area NICUs. We appreciate everyone’s participation and input. If you were unable to be a part of the CSOP sessions but are interested in the visitation practices and/or unit configuration follow up sessions, please email CSOP Chair, Marie Wilson at

Look for a needs assessment survey coming to you for future session ideas! We’re here to serve you, so we appreciate your input!