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IIPW Grant: Bridging the Infection Prevention Gap between Long Term Care and Acute Care Facilities

  • Methodist Charlton Medical Center Auditorium 3500 W. Wheatland Dr. Dallas, TX 75237 (map)

This seminar will lead to a greater awareness within the LTCF and LTAC communities regarding the burden of infections due to MDRO’s and C. difficile in the community and the importance of infection prevention and control within LTCFs and LTACs to help reduce that burden.  It will also shed light on what we do as Infection Preventionists within a hospital and how the care in LTCFs and LTACs has a direct impact on our work and patient care.  Overall, we hope to celebrate the work of those in the LTCF and LTAC communities and help develop an improved continuity of care for our shared patients.  

9:30 Registration

9:50 Welcome & Introductions

10:00 Epidemiology of MDROs and C. diff

  • Fred Tenover, PhD
    Courtesy of Cepheid
10:55  Difference in IP programs: Suggestions to bridge the gap
  • Neil Pascoe, BSN, RN, CIC
    Courtesy of DSHS
11:50  Lunch and Roundtable Discussion
  • Courtesy of ICP Medical
12:20  The LTC IP Role in Promoting Quality Care and Reducing
Rehospitalizations: Focusing on C. diff and MDRO infections
  • Gail Bennett, RN, MSN, CIC
    Courtesy of PDI
1:00 Role of the Environment in MDRO and C. diff Transmission
  • Darrel Hicks, BA, REH, CHESP
    Courtesy of ICP Medical



 3.75 CE Credits