Congratulations, Pat Metcalf Jackson

Pat Metcalf Jackson was elected to the APIC NATIONAL BOARD as TREASURER


NEW STUDY: Hospital privacy curtains may harbor germs

Without timely intervention, privacy curtains in hospitals can become breeding grounds for resistant bacteria, posing a threat to patient safety, according to new research published in the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC).While the curtains had minimal contamination when they were first hung, the curtains that were hung in patient rooms became increasingly contaminated over time – and by day 14, 87.5 percent of the curtains tested positive for MRSA.

Read the review of this AJIC article written by Communications Committee member Marie H. Wilson, BSN, BS, RN, CIC of Dallas, TX.

congratulations, marie wilson

 Marie Wilson with Elizabeth Monsees (left) and Michelle Farber

Marie Wilson with Elizabeth Monsees (left) and Michelle Farber

Marie has been an active member of our Chapter since 2015 when she came into the infection prevention field.  She has served our Chapter in several capacities over the last two years. 

She served on the Education Committee and was also elected to Chair the Nominating Committee in 2017.  Marie stepped up to fill the role of Education Chairperson for much of the year when the Chairperson was out with a serious illness of a family member.  Marie ran the committee seamlessly, spending much of her time recruiting speakers for monthly meetings and ensuring that all of our education needs were met during that time.

In her role as Chairperson of the Nominating Committee, Marie scripted and videotaped a “willingness to serve” skit using Chapter members as actors to encourage members to volunteer to serve in elected positions. The very clever video was shown at one of our monthly meetings at the beginning of the nominating period.  It was very entertaining and garnered lots of interest in our open positions.  She spent many hours scripting, recruiting, and editing the video.   Our Nominating Committee members serve one-year terms which has presented challenges each year for the new Chairperson to learn how to run the Committee effectively and efficiently.  Marie recognized this challenge and has developed a standard operating procedure (SOP) for the Nominating Committee Chair so that those who follow her will have a template for processes required to facilitate this role.

Marie has brought our Chapter into the technology age in 2017 as well.  She volunteered to be our official “Tweeter” at the APIC National Conference in 2017.  She has continued to Tweet during monthly meetings bringing additional attention to infection prevention initiatives through this public forum.  Marie has also resurrected the APIC DFW Facebook page this year, posting interesting and timely information and articles.

Marie brings a creativity and energy to our chapter that has been instrumental in moving us to the next level.  We would like to recognize and honor her for her numerous contributions to our Chapter and to the field of Infection Prevention

AJIC review: Leadership rounds

AJIC review: Leadership rounds
A study published in the March issue of AJIC, “Leadership rounds to reduce health care-associated infections,” explores the ways in which this quality improvement tool may help to promote a culture of safety in healthcare facilities. The study was summarized by Marie Wilson, BS, BSN, RN, CIC

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“APIC DFW now has the capability to webcast our monthly meetings!  Prior to each meeting, an email will be sent out with instructions for accessing the webcast, either on the member’s computer or smart phone.  Members will be able to both audio and video of the educational presentation and the business meeting.  Members who listen to the entire educational presentation online will be able to earn CE credits in the same way as attendees who are physically present.

Please keep in mind that the webcast option is intended to serve members who are unable to attend meetings in person due to distance or other constraints.  To take full advantage of chapter benefits, members should make every attempt to be physically present at all meetings. Poor audience turnout can be discouraging to the fantastic speakers that our Education/Program committee schedules to present each month.

We would appreciate your feedback on this exciting new benefit for our members.”


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