Developing a Closed Intravenous Medical System for NICU

Jack Tanner

Jack Tanner, RN, BSN  presented “Developing a Closed, Intravenous Medication System for NICU”.    His presentation provided an informative review of Women & Infants Hospital quality process improvement collaborative to decrease NICU CLABSIs.   

To address issues of continuity of medication administration in their neonate population and increase in central line infections, a task force was developed to address their concerns.  Through careful assessment, IV system development, prototype testing, and in-depth evaluation a customized closed IV system was developed and implemented into practice.

Jack emphasized the success in their initiative hinged on all parties involved in the collaborative, feedback and input from NICU nurses, facility support, and education.  In conclusion, decrease in medication errors  by 54.3% anda reduction in NICU CLABSIs by 50% validated their overall success.