Strategic Partner Professional Organization Liaison Application

Purpose:  To partner with strategic, like-minded professional organizations by supporting APIC-DFW member liaisons with reimbursement of annual dues paid to the strategic organization.  

Examples of strategic partners include:  SHEA, SIS, SGNA, AORN, AACN, NANN

Qualifications: A member of APIC-DFW for at least one year and having attended at least 75% of APIC-DFW meetings in person within the past year.

Process:  The board will review applications and select liaisons.Factors to be considered include attendance, length of membership, service to APIC-DFW, and how APIC-DFW can benefit from a relationship with this organization.  Other considerations include cost of annual dues and availability of local chapter activities.

Liaisons will attend local chapter meetings and report during an APIC DFW meeting at least quarterly.  In addition, liaisons will review the strategic partner’s professional literature and present pertinent information to APIC-DFW.

If your application is accepted, you commit to acting as an APIC-DFW liaison to this organization by attending their local meetings, reading their literature, and reporting pertinent information at APIC-DFW meetings at least quarterly.


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